Greeting From President Jeong, Tae-Yun

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website.

  • The Korean Association of Civil Law (“the KACL”) has continuously been accredited as the most prestigious association in the field of the civil law since its establishment in 1957. It began as a group of 18 civil law professors gathered to examine the Bill of the Korean Civil Code at the time of its legislation. Since its foundation, the KACL has contributed to the academic development of the civil law in Korea by holding academic conferences as well as workshops on recent court decisions respectively four times a year.

  • The KACL also publishes The Korean Journal of Civil Law, a highly accredited academic journal registered in the Korean Research Foundation. Articles selected for the journal are subject to a rigorous screening process by the independent Editorial Committee of the KACL.

    In addition, the KACL actively encourages and supports a variety of smaller research groups such as French Law, EU Law, American Law, East Asian Civil Law, and Liability Law Research Societies. Scholars of the KACL with particular interests in these fields enthusiastically participate within these groups.

    Furthermore, the KACL works in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, which utilizes our expertise for revisions to the Korean Civil Code. We strive to provide the best legislative knowledge and information in order to contribute to the advancement of the Korean Civil Code.

    In 2011 the KACL held the first ‘East Asian Civil Law International Studies Conference’ (”the EACIC“) in Seoul. The EACIC has continued to be hosted annually by Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan in alternating order. It has been a rigorous discussion of a chosen contemporary topic in the field of the civil law of the East Asian countries, which serves as an academic exchange between legal scholars from each country. The 10th EACIC under the theme ”personality rights in comparative anaysis“ will take place on 19 September 2020 in Shenyang, China.

    This year marks the 60th anniversary of the implementation of the Korean Civil Code. In commemorating this occasion, the KACL is planning various events to reflect on the development since the implementation of the Civil Code and to seek future pathways towards development. These activities require enthusiastic participation of members. I hereby kindly request the careful consideration of the members in this endeavor.

    The KACL will strive for the development of the civil jurisprudence and will hence provide a forum for academic exchange.
    I wish all visitors of this website and KACL members good health and fortune in the year of 2020.

  • Thank you for your interest in the KACL.